Webinar - Hydrogen, Advanced Materials and Carbon-to-Value: Future Sight to Sustainable Net-Zero

Tuesday, April 20, 2021 - 2 pm CDT - Zoom webinar

Hosted by the Baker Institute's Center for Energy Studies, this panel will discuss the types of novel nanomaterials that can be created, how this can drive large-scale reductions in carbon emissions, and the policies that could impact value chain development.

Panelists will include Carbon Hub director, Matteo Pasquali and Carbon Hub interim executive director, Marie-Nathalie Contou-Carrere, Rachel Meidl from the Center for Energy Studies and will be moderated by Neal Lane, Senior Fellow in Science and Technology Policy at the Baker Institute.

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French-American Chamber of Commerce panel
"Innovation: Game-changers in the Energy Transition"

Join our executive director, Marie-Nathalie Contou-Carrere, on March 17th at 9 am CST as she participates in a panel discussion hosted by the FACC to answer this question (and many more), "how can the energy industry from Operator, Public/Private Partnerships, and Start-ups contribute to sustainable energy development goals?"

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FACC panel 3-17

CERAWeek 2021

Professor Matteo Pasquali, director of the Carbon Hub, gave a presentation at CERAWeek on March 5th titled, "Clean Hydrogen Energy, Transportation Systems & Industrial Decarbonization." Click here to view the recording of that presentation.

Pasquali CERAWeek

Norwegian Energy Week

Professor Matteo Pasquali participated during Norwegian Energy Week on a panel titled, "The Way Forward - Digitalization and Innovation, Catalysts for the Energy Transition." Click below to watch Professor Pasquali's presentation about the Carbon Hub.

Carbon Hub Kick-off Meeting - Video Clips

The Carbon Hub held its kick-off meeting on February 13, 2020. We invite you now to view the clips below, broken down by the opening and welcome remarks, each panel's speaker presentations and then audience Q&A, and finally, the closing remarks by the Carbon Hub director. The time stamps for the beginning of each speaker and panel discussion is provided below.

Below is the meeting agenda and the corresponding video clips:

Welcome & Introduction

Event Emcee: Marie Contou Carrere (Research Advisor for Industry Partners – Rice University)

Yousif Shamoo (Vice Provost for Research – Rice University) 2:38
Reginald DesRoches (Dean, George R. Brown School of Engineering – Rice University) 6:04
Peter Rossky (Dean, Wiess School of Natural Sciences – Rice University) 8:43

Panel - Energy Transition: An Opportunity for Hydrocarbons?

Moderator: Hugh Helferty (Adjunct Faculty Member – Queen’s University, Kingston, Canada)

  • Scott Nyquist (Senior Advisor – McKinsey & Company) 2:05
    Energy Outlook and the Future of Hydrocarbons
  • Bryan Pivovar (Senior Research Fellow – NREL) 9:40
    The Growing Importance of Hydrogen in our Energy System
  • Marc von Keitz (Program Director – ARPA-E) 18:18
    Turning Methane into Low-Carbon Hydrogen and Useful Carbon Products

Panel discussion: 27:05

Panel – Challenges for a New Future for Hydrocarbons

Moderator: Sergio Kapusta (Director, Rice Energy and Natural Resources Initiative – Rice University)

  • Kenneth B. Medlock III (Senior Director, Center for Energy Studies, Baker Institute for Public Policy – Rice University) 3:47
    Sustainability as a Portfolio Investment
  • Ajay Mehta (General Manager, New Energies Research & Technology – Shell Oil Company) 21:48
    A Perspective on Innovative R&D Partnerships to Drive the Energy Transition
  • Michael D. Maher (Senior Program Advisor, Center for Energy Studies, Baker Institute for Public Policy – Rice University) 35:05
    Sustainability: How Policy Can Bridge the Gap between Research and Science

Panel discussion: 47:21

Panel – What to Do with Solid Carbon at Scale?

Moderator: Marc von Keitz (Program Director – ARPA-E)

  • Leonardo Spanu (Senior Researcher, R&D Chemistry – Shell International E&P) 3:08
    Carbon Materials from Natural Gas Pyrolysis: Exploring Options in a Decarbonized World
  • Carrie Masiello (Professor of Earth, Environmental & Planetary Sciences – Rice University) 14:35
    Nature-Based Solutions
  • Adam Boies (Professor, Division of Energy – University of Cambridge, United Kingdom) 27:18
    Applications of Structured Carbon
  • Gianni Royer Carfagni (Professor of Structural Mechanics – University of Parma, Italy) 38:44
    Introduction of New Materials in the Construction Industry

Panel discussion: 50:54

Carbon Hub & Corporate Sustainability

Moderator: Alan Windle (Emeritus Professor of Materials Science – University of Cambridge, United Kingdom)

  • Matteo Pasquali (Director, Carbon Hub – Rice University) 3:22
    Mission and Vision
  • Marie Contou-Carrere (Research Advisor for Industry Partners – Rice University) 27:22
    Organization & How to Participate

Closing Remarks

Matteo Pasquali (Director, Carbon Hub – Rice University)

Contact Kelly Cline at 713.348.4062 or with any questions.