Carbon Hub - Call For Proposals 2022

We're pleased to launch the Carbon Hub's third annual Call for Proposals and we look forward to reading the best and boldest technical ideas. It is our belief that the awarded projects will help drive forward the Carbon Hub Vision and Mission towards efficient, scalable co-production of Clean Hydrogen and value-added carbon solid from (thermocatalytic) Methane pyrolysis.

We all realize the transformational time we are living in, and the expected acceleration of structural (energy, transportation) changes our society will undergo, sooner than recently expected. It underscores how important our collective assembly of diverse professionals with an array of disciplines is, and that we're committed to effecting positive change through collaborative science, engineering, and technology development.

Our annual Call for Proposals is open only to our Academic Collaborators. If you would like to be considered as a Collaborator, please contact us directly at

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