Leadership Overview

The Carbon Hub is steered by a Carbon Leadership Board (CLB), which is composed of representatives from each of the members, based on their sponsorship level. The CLB guides the strategic initiatives, sets and reviews the technical program direction each year, ensures that the overall strategy and priorities are aligned and transparent among the Carbon Hub members, balances member interests within the Carbon Hub's agenda, and reviews and approves opportunities and impact against defined success measures.

While the CLB provides high-level strategic vision based on trends, the Carbon Hub Management Team (CHMT) provides day-to-day operations and is responsible for the implementation of the strategy established by the CLB.

In addition to the CLB, the Carbon Technical Council (CTC) provides senior insight on the technical agenda and priorities. The CTC is a cross-functional team of senior-level technical experts from industry, government labs, and academia. The CTC input is of an advisory nature to the CLB who, ultimately, determines the research agenda.

The Carbon Advisory Panel (CAP) provides high-level, long-term strategic insight to the CLB. It is composed of recognized industry leaders whose interests are aligned with the Carbon Hub mission.

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