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Shell's purpose is to power progress together with more and cleaner energy solutions. We believe that rising standards of living for a growing global population are likely to continue to drive demand for energy, including oil and gas, for years to come. At the same time, technology changes and the need to tackle climate change means there is a transition underway to a lower-carbon, multi-source energy system.

Ajay Mehta

“It’s through cross-sector collaborations like the Carbon Hub that real progress can be made to significantly reduce the net carbon footprint of energy products. The positive impacts we can have through this kind of innovative basic research are inspiring as we face one of the world’s toughest challenges - climate change.”

Ajay Mehta
General Manager, New Energies Research and Technology


“The use of clean hydrogen and carbon materials has the potential to be a gamechanger in the energy transition. This aligns with Shell’s vision to provide more and cleaner energy solutions around the world.”

Sharon Beshouri
VP Catalyst, Analytical, and Refining Technology

Industry Members

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Mitsubishi Corporation (Americas)

Mitsubishi Corporation (Americas) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Mitsubishi Corporation, a globally integrated business enterprise with 10 business groups that operate across virtually every industry. These include natural gas, industrial materials, petroleum & chemicals, mineral resources, industrial infrastructure, automotive & mobility, food industry, consumer industry, power solution, and urban development. Mitsubishi considers the various risks and opportunities associated with climate change to be an important perspective in determining business strategies. With the goal of contributing to the transition to a low-carbon society, Mitsubishi will make efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Shimada profile pic

"Mitsubishi will challenge itself by working to develop new, game-changing technologies that significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions and by building innovative businesses."

Nobukazu Shimada
Department Manager, General Affairs

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Prysmian Group

Prysmian Group's purpose is to drive the flow of energy and information anywhere to enable and sustain human achievements everywhere. Energy and information help communities develop. That's why it's so important that they're always available, and that they're supplied: Effectively. Efficiently. Sustainably. Our mission is to provide our customers with superior cable solutions based on state-of-the-art technology and consistent excellence in execution, ultimately delivering sustainable growth and profit.

De Rai profile pic

"We at Prysmian Group are committed to ensuring the sustainability of our production processes as well as of our products and services, which are designed and provided to enable the Energy Transition and the Digitalization processes in a Sustainable way. That's why we strongly focus our innovation efforts on new materials and solutions that can change the speed of this transition safeguarding the environment."

Luca De Rai
Group Research & Development VP Energy and Innovation

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For 50 years, our employees have been using science and ingenuity to create innovations that play a critical role in the everyday lives of many millions of people. As a global chemicals company, Huntsman's work forms the building blocks for countless consumer and industrial products that are part of your everyday life. Our employees are united around a common goal: enriching lives through innovation.

Hatrick profile pic

"Conversion of natural gas and other hydrocarbons into clean hydrogen and structural carbon materials will be a significant contributor to a cleaner energy system and support a transition to widespread use of a new class of sustainable materials across multiple industries. Collaborating with the Carbon Hub is a key element in addressing the major science and technology challenges that must be overcome to deliver on this vision and to have a real impact on our future sustainability."

Dr. David Hatrick
Vice President - Innovation, Huntsman Advanced Materials

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