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Ed Ganja is Vice President of Catalyst and Analytical Technology and Shell Technology Center Houston Senior P&T Lead. He oversees a capability based global team located at technology hubs in Amsterdam, Bangalore, and Houston. The Projects & Technology Catalyst and Analytical Technology (PTX/A) group is responsible for Materials, Measurement, Modeling, Process R&D, Digitalization and Site Operations. PTX/A supports a diverse set of Shell stakeholders and businesses from Downstream to Upstream to the Energy Transition.

Ed has worked in several roles at Shell across the United States supporting the Refining Catalyst business in Manufacturing, Operations and Technical Support. He began his career at Shell in the Catalysts Technology Department as a Manufacturing Technical Services Engineer at Shell Technology Center Houston (STCH). He then transitioned to a California Catalyst Manufacturing location where he gained more direct experience in Engineering, Operations and Plant Management. Following this role, he became Technical Lead for Manufacturing Technical Services in Michigan City, Indiana and relocated the team to a new Process Development and Scale-Up Laboratory in the Woodlands, TX. Ed continued to take on Technology leadership roles including Technology Opportunity Manager for the Refining Technology Platform and the Global Discipline Head for Natural Sciences, Products and System Innovation within the Research & Development Technical function. In March 2018, Ed was appointed General Manager Refining Catalyst Technology and STCH site lead.

Leveraging agile ways of working, collaboration, and community to build highly capable teams to deliver technology to the market place in an accelerated manner are important priorities for Ed. He also is strongly committed to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and staff development.

Ed earned his PhD in Inorganic Chemistry and a post-doctoral fellowship in Catalysis as well as a Master of Science in Biochemistry from University of Illinois. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry from McMaster University. Ed lives in Houston with his wife and has five grown children.