Collaborative Champion

Collaborative Champtions

Informed by Industry Needs

The Carbon Hub's key mission is to launch a new industry based on carbon materials produced from hydrocarbons with hydrogen co-generation and zero CO2 footprint.

The Carbon Hub maintains its focus on industry needs by creating a true technology push/market pull environment, where the de-risking needs of partners on the upstream portion of envisioned supply chains will be matched to de-risking needs of downstream partners and the public. This continued focus is ensured by the engagement of industrial members as intellectual, technological, and governance leaders.

Neutral Ground for Corporate Partners

As a non-competitive non-profit organization, the Carbon Hub is a neutral location for innovation in technology development and sharing of ideas, knowledge creation, problem solving, and community building. It provides the framework for different industry segments to convene and inspire academia and national laboratories to address the key technological challenges for the paradigm shift of using hydrocarbons as a source of valuable carbon materials with co-generation of zero emission energy.

Independently Governed by Centralized Governance

The Carbon Hub is a partnership of corporations, academic institutions, and government agencies with interests in carbon material creation, conversion, and application.

The Carbon Hub is funded by its members and governed by the Carbon Leadership Board (CLB), where corporate and non-profit members set strategy and direction. The Carbon Technology Council (CTC) and Core Competence Area Leaders (CCALs), drawn from participating scientists in the Carbon Hub, provide expert technical advice. The Carbon Advisory Panel, composed of retired executives from corporations aligned with the Carbon Hub mission, provides insight into the risks and future drivers of growth to be addressed with the Carbon Hub. A lean management team runs operations. Information about the leadership team can be found here.

Academically Grounded by Rice University

The Carbon Hub has assembled a global team of innovators, researchers, and engineers from academia and federal labs (figure below).

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A detailed list of Carbon Hub Collaborators can be found here.