Carbon Hub - Call For Proposals 2020

We're excited to launch the Carbon Hub's inaugural Call for Proposals, and hope that you and your colleagues will be among the first group of proposals, bringing forward the best and boldest technical ideas. It is our belief that the awarded projects will help drive forward the Carbon Hub Vision and Mission towards efficient, scalable co-production of clean Hydrogen and value-added solid carbon from (thermocatalytic) Methane pyrolysis.

We all realize the transformational time we are living in, and the expected acceleration of structural (energy, transportation) changes our society will undergo, sooner than recently expected. It underscores how important our collective assembly of diverse professionals with an array of disciplines is, and that we're committed to effect positive change through collaborative science, engineering, and technology development.

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Important Dates

Release of Call for Proposals: September 14, 2020
Webinars: September 28 - October 2, 2020
Submissions due by October 31, 2020
Announcement of project awards: on or about November 10, 2020

Topics & Webinars

Since the vibrant and successful Technical Workshop at the Kick Off Meeting held in February, the Carbon Technical Council (CTC) has been busy organizing and consolidating the 400+ ideas, questions, and comments generated by the meeting participants. After prioritizing the research focus areas, we have identified the 5 topics below for the Call for Proposals scope:

all topics

The CTC will host 5 webinars to discuss these topics in more detail. These webinars are only open to our Collaborators to attend. The webinar information will be provided on the official Call for Proposals page and sent to our Collaborators.